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The best way to encounter your customers

GOOD NEWS! Papette launches it's mini card display. A very handy tool when you lack space, just put it on your counter. These displays are a real must-have. They come already filled and there are 3 versions;

  • Victoria: display + 160 English cards + 5 free cards 8x10 cards 'GOLD', 8x10 cards 'MY TYPE'

  • Marie-Antoinette: display + 160 cards + 5 free cards 4x10 French cards 'HEAVEN', 8x10 French cards 'SPARKLE2', 4x10 English cards 'GOLD'

  • Beatrix: display + 160 Dutch cards + 5 free cards 8x10 cards 'ENNA', 4x10 cards 'SPARKLE1', 4x10 cards 'SPARKLE2'

Deliverable from the 19th of december, €339 (display + 160 cards).

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